lessons in grace



From one clay pot to another

"you are not as strong as you think you are" and God uses you still.

Ian, Dietrich, and Jesus: Easter, part II

a meditation for Resurrection Sunday

giving death the bird: Easter, part I.

A meditation for Holy Saturday

nursing and wonder women and wonder men

for the new grads- why we do what we do.

thoughts from an ordinary twenty-four-year-old

Many drops make a river. -Dari Proverb Journals of my middle-school self tell of the woman I wish to become- she is a single missionary or she is married to someone who matches The List.  She loves God with all... Continue Reading →

the good man

"...'cause you're still my girl in the bad days."

remnant of Eden

thanksgiving to the father of lights

wondrous things in the law

It’s eight-forty-five on a Sunday morning.  Early to me.  I’m fighting the alarm clock and hitting snooze every ten minutes when I should be puttering about the house  in preparation for my quiet time.  It’s not happening.  The old sin-cycle... Continue Reading →

On community and why I’m not so scared of eternity anymore.

1.The Bible is our textbook. 2. The Holy Spirit leads our discussion. 3. We are authentic here; no masks allowed. 4. If you feel something being said is unbiblical, you have the right to speak up and respectfully ask where... Continue Reading →

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